Learning about God from a dog

I think we can learn a lot about the way our relationship with God should be, by paying attention or our relationships with our four-legged family members. The trust they have in us. The way they seem to read our emotions. The joy they give us. And so much more.

Here’s why I say that. We talk about God’s unconditional love for us. But we don’t actually experience it unless we take the time to see, recognize, and accept it! God’s love for us can be all around us, but if we don’t pay attention, or if we just ignore it, we never know.

It’s the same way with our dogs. If we treat them right, it’s hard to not notice. They trust us. Watch out for us – even the little guys. The bring us joy. If we let them.

The thing about the dogs though – they’re physically here. We can see and hear them. Not so with God. Spiritual things cannot be physically seen, but only the results of interaction with God can be seen. Spiritual things cannot be heard with our ears, but only with our hearts.

Ultimately, I think what I learn from them is about how my relationship with God should be. Only with God, it should be even better. They give me so many chances, by watching them and interacting with them, to see evidence of God all around me. And even more so, reminders of things, even from the Bible, that I should be looking for to “see” and to “feel” God’s presence.

Some of what you’ll read here is joyful. Some quite sad. Dogs do have short lives, so the losses are inevitable. And yet, I wouldn’t give up the chance to experience the blessings of having them in my life and God’s trust in me to care for some of His creation. And the opportunities to see something of God through all of them.

How can I be angry at him? He's dying.

How can I be angry at him? He’s dying.

How can I be angry at him? He's dying. At one level, this is the story of me and a dog. The little guy in the picture below. At a higher level, one specific man. But at it's core, it's about every person on the planet. Not as a group ...
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