The Great Commission

Finding God isn’t necessarily easy. Especially when we, as Christians, don’t help others to find Him. On top of that, even for us, getting to know God more closely can be difficult as well. There are so many distractions, false impression of who God is, and so on.

While He was here on earth, Jesus left us with the Great Commission. To baptize people, for sure. But equally important, to teach them. To make disciples. That’s how we grow in our faith, and how the Christian faith increases and spreads.

To the extent that we fail to perform the Great Commission, we make it much harder to find God than it needs to be. For better or for worse, Jesus left us as His representatives on earth. And the Great Commission is a huge part of what we are to do.

Great Commission apparently isn't so great anymore

Great Commission apparently isn’t so great anymore

The Great Commission apparently isn't so great anymore. I feel like that must make God cry. And yet, it doesn't seem to bother many Christians these days. And why should it? Apparently, they don't even know what it is. And way too many Christians have never even heard of the ... Read More
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