The book of Acts is really part two of the Gospel of Luke. It is written by the same author, and tells us what happened in the early years of the church.
Although the book is called the ‘Acts of the Apostles’, Luke tells us only of some apostles—mainly Peter and Paul. He begins by describing the life of the church in Jerusalem, where Peter is the leading character. Then he tells us how persecution drives the followers of Jesus out of Jerusalem, so that the good news is spread to other places. Finally, he tells us about the conversion of Paul and his missionary journeys.
By the end of his book, Luke has shown us how the gospel of Jesus Christ has travelled from Jerusalem to Rome—from the religious capital of the Jews to the secular capital of the Roman empire. Jesus promises his followers that they will spread the good news about him ‘in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth’ (1:8).

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What does God think of us?

Do We Want To Know What God Thinks Of Us?

Do We Want To Know What God Thinks Of Us? Like many writers, I use software to evaluate what I write, including the title. According to that software, the title of this one is positive. I can’t help but wonder, how many of us think it’s positive? How many of us, if we had the opportunity, would really want to hear what God thinks of us?

What Is A Pop Tart Christian?

What Is A Pop Tart Christian?

Contrary to what some seem to believe, there’s no such thing as a Pop Tart Christian.

Strong and mature Christians do not simply pop out of the oven overnight.
The fruit of the Spirit takes time to grow in a person.

What Is A Pop Tart Christian?
I read the quote above and immediately thought about pop tarts. Unlike the picture on the left, there was practically nothing inside. Very little filling compared to the dough. Not unlike a new Christian. Or even an “old” Christian who was satisfied with the initial “committing their life to Jesus” – and then does nothing after that. Someone who doesn’t allow the Holy Spirit to fill them and guide their lives.

Was casting lots really used to determine God's will?

Was casting lots really used to determine God’s will?

Seriously, casting lots, usually pebbles or stones, isn’t the first thing most of us today think of as a way to talk with God. And yet, we read about it in the Bible. More than two dozen times. We’ll look at seven of them. Four in the Old Testament and three in the New Testament. For example, you may remember, Jesus’ clothes were divided up after His death on the cross. That was done by casting lots.

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