Here is a great letter. We don’t know who wrote it, but it is full of the greatness of Jesus Christ. Using the themes of Old Testament priesthood and sacrifice, this letter explains what God has done for us by sending Jesus. This is a theme we find in the writings of Paul (Colossians 1) and John (John 1), but here it is expressed most excitingly for people with a Jewish background.
Hebrews is also written for Christians who are being persecuted for their faith. It tells them that Jesus also suffered and knows how life is for them. It lists the heroes of faith in the past, and describes them as a ‘great cloud of witnesses’ who are urging us on in the race of faith today.

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Is going to church encouraging for you? Why? or Why not?

Is going to church encouraging for you? Why? or Why not?

Being encouraged by going to church is far better than being discouraged. But given what “church” is really about for Christians, it should be a whole lot more than just encouraging. Going to church should be things like exciting, uplifting, energizing, and the like. It should encourage us to build each other up. And it should lead us to want, more than anything, to be more Christ-like. More loving. More forgiving. More alive!

So what do you think? Which of those words describe your church-going experience?

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