Matthew’s Gospel is the first of the four Gospels we have collected in the New Testament.
Matthew tells the whole story of Jesus, from his remarkable birth in Bethlehem to his death and resurrection in Jerusalem. He includes Jesus’ baptism and temptation, his preaching and teaching in Galilee, and many of his parables about the kingdom of God.
This Gospel is a bridge between the Old and New Testaments. Matthew shows how Jesus fulfils Old Testament prophecies, and that his church is the fulfilment of the history of Israel.
Matthew writes for Jewish Christians. He tells them that Jesus had Jewish roots. He also wrestles with the problem that the Jews have rejected Jesus as their Messiah, and now persecute his followers.
Matthew’s Gospel is useful for teaching new Christians and instructing Christian leaders. It has five clear sections of teaching, including the famous Sermon on the Mount. It shows how Christians should understand the Jewish law and live out the heart of its meaning.
Finally, Matthew gives a clear call to Christian mission. Jesus, the risen Christ, sends his disciples to preach his gospel and make disciples among all the nations of the world.
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What does God think of us?

Do We Want To Know What God Thinks Of Us?

Do We Want To Know What God Thinks Of Us? Like many writers, I use software to evaluate what I write, including the title. According to that software, the title of this one is positive. I can’t help but wonder, how many of us think it’s positive? How many of us, if we had the opportunity, would really want to hear what God thinks of us?

What Is A Pop Tart Christian?

What Is A Pop Tart Christian?

Contrary to what some seem to believe, there’s no such thing as a Pop Tart Christian.

Strong and mature Christians do not simply pop out of the oven overnight.
The fruit of the Spirit takes time to grow in a person.

What Is A Pop Tart Christian?
I read the quote above and immediately thought about pop tarts. Unlike the picture on the left, there was practically nothing inside. Very little filling compared to the dough. Not unlike a new Christian. Or even an “old” Christian who was satisfied with the initial “committing their life to Jesus” – and then does nothing after that. Someone who doesn’t allow the Holy Spirit to fill them and guide their lives.

Great Commission apparently isn't so great anymore

Great Commission apparently isn’t so great anymore

The Great Commission apparently isn’t so great anymore. I feel like that must make God cry. And yet, it doesn’t seem to bother many Christians these days. And why should it? Apparently, they don’t even know what it is. And way too many Christians have never even heard of the Great Commission! So sad.

What is religion?

What is religion? What do you think?

What is religion? The truth is, you don’t even have to agree with me on what I say religion is when I use the word. You just need to understand what I mean. Then, you’re free to agree or disagree with what I write about the possibilities of finding God with or without religion.

Was casting lots really used to determine God's will?

Was casting lots really used to determine God’s will?

Seriously, casting lots, usually pebbles or stones, isn’t the first thing most of us today think of as a way to talk with God. And yet, we read about it in the Bible. More than two dozen times. We’ll look at seven of them. Four in the Old Testament and three in the New Testament. For example, you may remember, Jesus’ clothes were divided up after His death on the cross. That was done by casting lots.

All dogs go to Heaven, don't they?

All dogs go to Heaven, don’t they?

Today was a sad day – and yet it may also be a good day. Depends on how one answers that question of All dogs go to Heaven, don’t they? To me – it’s yes. I feel in my heart that it has to be yes. Tonight, I’ll be doing some research to see if anything supports my faith that my friends will be waiting for me in Heaven.

Does church service make you feel forgiven?

Does church service make you feel forgiven?

Does church service make you feel forgiven? As Christians, we should feel forgiven. It won’t always happen. We’re human. We have ups and downs. But we should feel forgiven more often than not. If not, maybe we need to ask the Holy Spirit for comfort, guidance, strength – whatever is missing in our lives that’s preventing us from having that life to the full Jesus promised us.

This then is how you should not pray

This then is how you should not pray…

This then is how you should not pray. You may or may not recognize those words. If you do, then you know it should be this then is how you should pray. But you’re much more likely to remember what comes after them. It’s The Lord’s Prayer. Or maybe you know it by the Our Father. Depends on what denomination you are. Or what you’ve heard. But I’m curious, how many of us know the part that comes before the words so many of us know? In any case, before we talk about should, let’s look into should not. It’s interesting.

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