New Testament Book # 27 – Revelation

Does God Forsake You If Cancer Surgery Isn't 100% Successful?

Did God Forsake You If Cancer Surgery Isn’t 100% Successful?

Never will I leave you or forsake you. I suppose pretty much every Christians knows that line. Or something like it, depending on which translation you read. It’s from God. But do we know where it comes from? And of course, the ultimate questions related to that line – do we believe God will never forsake us and do we live like we believe it?

What is religion?

What is religion? What do you think?

What is religion? The truth is, you don’t even have to agree with me on what I say religion is when I use the word. You just need to understand what I mean. Then, you’re free to agree or disagree with what I write about the possibilities of finding God with or without religion.

Is the Holy Spirit the Spirit of the Father or Spirit of the Son

Is the Holy Spirit the Spirit of the Father or the Spirit of the Son

Who is the Holy Spirit? Is He the Spirit of the Father? Or maybe the Spirit of the Son? Does it matter? And is it “who” or “what”? So many questions! And it’s tempting to just ignore them. Or assume they don’t really matter – just call it/him the Spirit of God. And yet, the Holy Spirit is one of the three “persons” of God. And so, it is important to know what we can about Him.

Is God loving or angry?

Is God loving or angry?

Is God loving or angry? There’s no simple answer to the question. The complex answer is yes. Yes, God is love, and therefore God is loving. Incredibly loving. Loving in ways that we can’t even understand. But yes, God is also angry. Can you really blame Him? Look what we do to each other. What we do to Him. And what we’ve done to pretty much every part of His creation that we can reach! Who wouldn’t be angry? Why do we wish for a loving God, but expect an angry God?

Finding God in religion can be hard

Finding God in religion can be hard. Really hard.

Just imagine each of the doors being an entry to one religion. Let’s say Christianity. Open that door, and there’s another set of doors where each door is a denomination. Then you see a third set of doors, where each of them is a conference. That’s followed by yet another set of doors, where each is an individual church.

You think the door opening is over. But probably not. …

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