Seven Woes

What is religion?

What is religion? What do you think?

What is religion? The truth is, you don’t even have to agree with me on what I say religion is when I use the word. You just need to understand what I mean. Then, you’re free to agree or disagree with what I write about the possibilities of finding God with or without religion.

This then is how you should not pray

This then is how you should not pray…

This then is how you should not pray. You may or may not recognize those words. If you do, then you know it should be this then is how you should pray. But you’re much more likely to remember what comes after them. It’s The Lord’s Prayer. Or maybe you know it by the Our Father. Depends on what denomination you are. Or what you’ve heard. But I’m curious, how many of us know the part that comes before the words so many of us know? In any case, before we talk about should, let’s look into should not. It’s interesting.

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